How to Brand Your Blog and Content

Is your company making an impact with its tangents of online marketing?  How do you achieve elite attention, especially considering the likelihood of competition in your chosen vertical?  You have to distinguish, build and promote your brand.

Establishing a business and associated offerings are beginning steps.  You need to commence branding, establishing company messages on and offline, communicating messages to present and future customers.  Online marketing enables brands to make connections with consumers via content of blog posts and social media outlets.

Editorial Calendar

Some bloggers write each day, a few times a week, once per month, etc.  Depending on your chosen vertical and behavior of customers, an editorial calendar, a pre-scheduled plan on what to provide to readers, helps brand companies in several ways.

For one, it facilitates another platform for communication, a place for customers to recognize your company, potentially purchase, and engage.  Without content, it’s more difficult to direct customers to your brand.  Secondly, planning the content ensures your brand will continuously share, going forth with business implementations as planned but with more strategy.

About Us Page

Blogs are dynamic brand properties; while many associate posts with blogs, others also feature pages, telling readers about owners, associates, mascots, mission statements, charity associations, and more.  For example, an about us page may take the form of a robust multimedia presentation, telling consumers about how a brand started, how a company operates each day, and how team players spend their free time.

Branding ensures a company is noticed, akin to the personalities of people.  ?  If you provide internet services for example, which are pretty common, how does your branding stand apart from other Internet Providers? Is your brand and offerings different and special? Think about attending a social party.  Who are the most interesting people to engage?  Usually it’s those expressing interest in others as well as providing personal information.

Interactive Commenting

As referenced above, the popular person at a social event is likely to take interest in others rather than expect all the attention.  Commenting facilitates the social aspect of online marketing.  While the web allows people from all over the world to connect, it’s crucial to compensate for the physical distance between two parties.   Take interest in other information providers, in and out of your respective vertical.

Commenting on other blogs shows you’re willing to provide insight, wax upon the thoughts of others, address questions, and express acumen regarding a particular subject.  Blogging and online marketing is a social enterprise; those who abstain from regular commenting, miss the possibility to make an impression on readers, advocates, and potential customers.

Blog Promotion

You wrote a blog post, but no one is reading.  This is common, especially for beginning bloggers and brands.   Who knew the Beatles could play music like that?  Who knew Shakespeare could put on such epic plays?  Who knew Michael Jordan was that good at basketball?  Promotion is important, an inescapable portion of branding.

Branding fuels better sales, creating impressions on consumers in an ongoing fashion.  When people think of sneakers, Nike is often associated.  Starbucks is a huge coffee house brand.  Tide is a popular brand related to laundry detergent.  Once, these huge brands were small, but all partook in excellent branding enterprises, building associations for customers, solidifying legacies.

Eric Bryant is a digital marketer. He frequently writes about how to blog effectively on marketing blogs.

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