Future of Online Shopping

Internet have changed the marketing strategies all around the world. It's been 8-10 years that people have started to shop online. Online shopping is still emerging and people are facing trouble while searching for desired products. Here are three things what I am expecting from online shopping websites in 2030 :-

1) Sophisticated search system

Whenever I shop online, I have desired product in my mind. For example last week I decided to buy sports shoes, give look to what I had in my mind :-

" I need a pair of shoes from a good brand. Size - UK 9. Price between 1500 to 2000. White color with blue logo, laces should be blue, heel should be of at least 1 inch heel"

In 2030 I expect online shopping portals to have voice search system which can understand layman's language. In doing the above research, it took me about 40 minutes around various shopping websites. I expect search system to become smarter.

 2) Finding size

I never purchased a pair of jean online, because while shopping for jeans, I try at least 5 pairs to select one. I think people now don't buy jeans online.

I expect that in 2030 there would be equipment that can measure body structure and online shopping website would have the feature to upload body structure image. This will decide whether an apparel will fit you or not.

There would a one click button which would tell you what this shopping website have for you. You will see everything that fits you. Right now shopping websites are overcrowded. While searching for shoes I see apparel and lot more stuff that is not of my interest.

 3) More personalization

I expect more personalization in shopping websites. Shopping would have feature to show products as per customer's profile. If a customer is male, homepage would be filled with male products only. There would a one time psychometric test to find out customer's preferences and website should be adjusted for those preferences.

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