Mobile Commerce: Innovative Insights from the Winners of the Webbys

The Webbys give credit to excellence in online content, including mobile commerce. As more and more people turn to their smart phones and tablets for news, entertainment, and shopping, the idea of selling online also increases. In 2013, the winners in the mobile commerce related categories ranged from motivational speech videos to dancing cartoons on Band Aids. Here are the ways that these companies stood out, largely thanks to creating an engaging experience.

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Best Use of Mobile Video

TED won the award for best use of mobile video. Thanks to their active presence on You Tube, this company was able to leverage a number of mobile apps as a platform for its content. Users can search for videos to watch on the TED site by the name of the video, or the date or type of video, such as “jaw dropping.” Making the content both useful and easy to access helped TED create a viable mobile presence.

Mobile & Experience Marketing

FuelBand and won the 2013 Webby for Mobile and Experience Marketing for a device that helps users track their daily activity. The wrist band lets users set a goal for themselves, and then measures the user’s activity throughout the day and him know when he has met his goal via a color change and other alerts. Thanks to the ability to link an account with social media, this campaign was able to create an online component. Not only can a user’s friend see his goals and results, but the product is promoted each time a goal is posted to Facebook.

Mobile Advertising

Band Aid was awarded the prize for Mobile Advertising. It’s online campaign involves a free mobile app. Users scan a picture of their Muppets Band Aid with the mobile app, and then the bandage turns into a small stage and animated Muppets dance on it. The campaign was designed to be engaging for users, and also made it possible for Band Aid to present their product in a way that promoted a sense of nostalgia for adults and fun for kids.

Integrated Mobile Experience

Sony won the prize for the best Integrated Mobile Experience thanks to its MAKE TV campaign. Users were able to be a part of creating a live music video simply by downloading an app to their computer or phone, and then activate machines in the MAKE TV platform. At the end of the music video that was created, all of the participants were listed, and the campaign trended in Japan on Twitter. By getting users heavily involved in a creative project, Sony was able to generate brand awareness without traditional advertising.

Shopping (Handheld Devices)

Nike won the award for best shopping application for a handheld device. The company allowed users to create their own shoes and apparel as a part of the NikeiD campaign. By simply touching the screen, the mobile app lets people change the color and design of the Nike products in the catalog. Allowing users to be creating while also promoting the Nike brand allowed the company to score a win in this category.

Bill Nixon has followed the Webbys since their inception. A retired web designer, he now spends his time blogging on various websites. 

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