How Your Website Design Impacts your SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, often impacts how many people visit your site. With the best SEO, you can appear on the top page of a Google search result. With terrible SEO, it might be unlikely that anyone will ever find you within the first few pages of search results. The way you build your website can have a big impact on how your SEO winds up. With these tips and tricks, you can create good SEO on your page and improve your monthly visitors.

Embedding Key Words

When you have an image on your page, the title and “alt text” fields should have relevant key words. While images themselves will help your SEO, the right key words will increase it even more. Think about the title of the article that the image pertains to, or the name of your business if the images are on a home page and not associated with a particular topic or product. Adding key words to images takes just a few seconds in the web design process, but it can have a substantial impact on how many people find your site.

Creating a Space for Video

Video messages on a website also creates good SEO. It’s an indicator to search engines that you’re providing interactive and quality content. Instead of just linking to a video, consider embedding the video into the actual web page. Adding words below the video provides additional context, and will give you more SEO points; a video alone without any description or additional images won’t provide ideal search engine optimization. Links also help your SEO, so if the video can link back to YouTube or another hosting site you might help your SEO again.

Making the Site Intuitive

Making your website intuitive not only creates a better user experience for your visitors, but also generates better SEO for your site. An intuitive website will have a clear and easy to use navigation bar, and internal links. Internal links send users to other pages within your website. For instance, on the home page you may have links to an “About” page and a “Contact” page. The easier it is for people to navigate their way around your site, the more likely you are to be rewarded with a good SEO position. An intuitive site also keeps your customers happy, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Web design is about more than just aesthetics. On top of creating something pretty and informative, you also need to think about how easy it is for people to find you. With bad SEO, you might end up with a fabulous web site that no one will ever find or see. SEO isn’t difficult to achieve, but you may need to create certain media or links to get the most of the principle. Always stay on top of the latest search engine SEO guidelines, and adjust your website accordingly. Sites like Google change their SEO recommendations quite frequently, so staying informed means actively paying attention to the new SEO trends.

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