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Monday, 5 August 2013

30 High rated WordPress magazine themes of 2013

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A carefully planned, custom designed and expertly built website is always going to be the best long-term solution for businesses or organizations seeking a professional presence on the web, there has been a rapid increase in what are called Premium WordPress Themes in the past 4-5 years. Premium WordPress Themes are essential templates; that can be purchased from a variety of sources and then utilized to customize a website’s look, technical features, structure and content. In this article I have rounded up 30 best and most sold Wordpress premium themes from Themeforest. Themeforest is a child of Envanto the best marketplace for web developers and designers. The themes below are sold for average of 1500 times. The themes are not only most sold but also most rated. The average rating of each theme is 4.5 out of 5 which is considered. These themes are best because of their premium features and benefits. The benefits of these Wordpress themes are:-

1. Highly Customizable

Premium Themes have a much greater degree of flexibility than free themes and nearly every aspect of them can be heavily customized.

2. SEO-Enabled

Most Premium Themes have inbuilt features to allow website Authors to easily implement SEO-related content, without having to alter or modify the website’s source code.

3. Documentation and Support

Premium Themes are always backed up by extensive use of the documentation, which is often continually updated, along with almost infinite amount of online support.

4. Social Media Powered

With the introduction of a multitude of dynamic social media plugins such as AddThis and ShareThis, amongst others, Premium Themes can be easily modified to allow for seamless sharing of content on all mainstream social media channels.

5. Cost and Time Effective

Building a businesses or organizations website using a Premium Theme is much more cost and time effective than building a bespoke site, especially if it’s a relatively simple website a client is seeking.

6. Live Theme Customizer

Live theme customizer is a must have feature which allows users to make changes in theme easily. You can change the color scheme of various elements with live effect and can save time.

7. Inbuilt Responsiveness

If a theme or a website is termed as responsive, it means it has been designed from the ground up with the ability to dynamically change its appearance dependent upon the platform it is being viewed on. A large amount of available Premium Themes are now responsive.

Super Skeleton

super skeleton


sahifa wodpress theme


big feature wodpress theme




good space theme


reaction theme


wordpress theme


continuum theme


goodnews theme


deadline theme


london live theme


dtube wordpress theme


premium pixels theme


big city wordpress theme


max mag theme


made wordpress theme


convergence theme


bangkok press theme


boulevard wordpress theme


extranews wordpress theme


jarida wordpress theme


magzimus wordpress theme


periodic wordpress theme




hoarder theme


volt wordpress theme

I Love It

i love it theme


leetpress wordpress theme

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  1. thanks for sharing such beautiful themes. but i have an Indian question, due you have any idea where i can find some free but premium themes.

  2. Gaurav commented on Design Rapid:

    thanks for sharing such beautiful themes. but i have an Indian question, due you have any idea where i can find some free but premium themes.


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