Keeping Your eCommerce Business Talent Pool Intact

While the economy has not fully recovered, a number of businesses are attempting to get started ecommerce business again. This means that more and more jobs are opening up, even if it is slower than desired. What this also means for you as an eCommerce business owner is that your employees may be looking for greener pasture. While this might not be a big deal for employees who are easy to replace, your talented personnel and the individuals who have helped you make your eCommerce business could be quite a loss.
While there's nothing that you can do to force talented employees to stay with your business, you can take certain steps to make it more likely that they will remain. Bear in mind that the more talented the employee, the more likely other businesses and eCommerce stores will try to snag her.

Never Assume Loyalty

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses and eCommerce store owners make is assuming that their best employees are fully loyal to their business. They take that definition of loyal to mean that these employees will not leave. However, that is an incorrect assessment of loyalty. An employee may be loyal to your business, but she may also have other pressing needs that another employer or business is willing to satisfy. If you have an employee who is very talented in some area that you need such as a mastery of bootstrap eCommerce or a detailed understanding of web design, then you don't want to risk the loss.

You need to make sure that your employee knows that you value her. Assuming that she will just stay generally communicates the opposite.

Consider a Pay to Stay Bonus

According to, a number of small businesses and eCommerce stores are turning to a pay to stay bonus. This basically results in the employee receiving certain raises or bonuses when she remains for a certain period of time. Most people look to the economic implications of a new job to decide whether they are going to stay or leave. If they can get more money, they are more likely to take it. If you offer a bonus for the employee to stay, on the other hand, you make it less likely that she will leave.

Invest in Your Employees

While it may seem counter-intuitive to invest in employees you are afraid might leave, bear in mind that in many individuals this does enhance those feelings of obligation and loyalty. It's harder to walk out on a business that has helped you to succeed and develop as a person or that helps you meet your other needs. Investing in employees does not have to be expensive. It may involve additional training or helping them to take courses at a local college. The point is that it also demonstrates how much you value them, and that, in turn, makes it less likely that they will leave. It also helps them to better serve your business at the same time.

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