Does Your Blog Speak to the Right Audience?

Growing a large audience is often the main preoccupation of bloggers, who are constantly trying to boost visitor numbers and find regular readers. However, you can only grow your audience if your blog speaks to the right audience in the first place. So how can you make sure your blog really speaks to the right target audience?

Define Your Target Audience

All businesses need to define their audiences properly in order to target them successfully, and the same is true for your blog. You may well have a good idea about the kind of people who read your blog, but it is never a good idea to make assumptions without anything to back them up because you could find out that you have been wrong all along.

Start by asking yourself a number of questions and thinking carefully about the answers:

  • Who really wants to know about the topics that you cover?
  • What solution are you trying to provide through your blog (information, advice, answers, etc)?
  • Who suffers from the types of problems that your blog is trying to solve?
  • What background are your audience from? Where do they live and how much do they earn?

This is just a start. As well as answering these questions and more, you should also pay attention to your blog comments, emails you have been sent, and your social media followers to find out more about who they are and what they have in common. Visit other blogs in your niche, especially the larger blogs, and gather information from them about the type of audience they seem to be targeting.

By spending time and effort doing this, you may realize that you have been targeting the wrong type of reader, which could have been preventing you from connecting with them and growing your blog.

After you have a better idea about your target audience, you need to make sure you really are speaking to them properly through the content that you post, and there are a number of ways that you can achieve this.

 Listen to Social Media Conversations

Seek out conversations in your niche on sites like Twitter and Facebook. You don't have to get involved yourself, but try to use the information you find to work out what is really on the minds of your targets. What do they care about? What are they trying to find out? What problems do they need solved?

 Explore Forums, Blogs and Other Platforms

Don't stop at social media: You can ask the same questions by visiting niche forums and blogs and following the conversation. What questions are people asking? What is their collective point of view on certain topics? How can you help them and serve them through your blog?

 Ask Your Readers

There is no better way to find out whether you are speaking to your audience properly than by asking them directly. Set up a questionnaire in one of your posts and ask them to tell you which topics you are covering well, which ones they feel they need more information on, and the questions that they want answering. The insights you receive from the answers will help you to focus your content more effectively in the future.

 Grow Your Audience

Now that you know who your target audience is and you have a better idea about the way to speak to them, you will be better prepared to grow your blog's audience. You can do this by getting involved in the conversations on the same channels that you used while researching your target audience, including forums, social media, and other blogs. Get involved by leaving comments on blog posts in your niche, promote your own blog by writing guest posts for larger blogs, and consider advertising as well.

It takes time to build your audience. However, now you will be promoting in the right places because you have done your research and are more aware of who your target audience really is, which should help you to grow your blog faster.

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