65 Examples of Pencil Drawing

Portrait drawing is a kind of art in which the painter puts life into a piece of paper. There are basically three kinds of pencil drawing :-
  1. Graphite 
  2. Colored Pencil 
  3. Charcoal painting 
  4. Pastel Painting
In my previous interview with Henrik Moses, I learned a lot about pencil drawing. It is a deep art which takes time to master. He shown some of his techniques by which he is able to draw full size portraits in merely 6 hours. He explained the kind of passion a pencil drawing artist need to reach his goals. Pencil drawing is not just a hobby for him, it is a passion. We have already shared his creations. He will be amazed to know Pencil drawing artists charge upto $1200 for each drawing.

Pencil drawing video lessons

If you are interested in learning this skill within a month. You should subscribe to online video tutorials. One of my friend Christopher Sia released a video tutorial series. He has published two courses, you can purchase both detailed one and 7 day course.

Link to detailed Pencil drawing course

Link to 7 days crash course

Pencil Drawing process

For making a portrait various kind of tools are used. Most important tools is pencils itself. Normally pencils from 5H to 5B are used to give shading effects and give drawings a realistic views.

Here is recent drawing made by Christopher. We brought pictures used in this video.

Below is the final drawing but advanced learner can use shading to improve it to above drawing.

Eyes are most important part of a drawing. They put a life into whole piece of art. Eye brows are drawn with dark pencils such as 2H. It is wise to put a piece of paper below hand so that portrait don't get dirty with sweat and dirt of hands

Give a look to eyelashes, it need a dark shade so 5B pencil is used.

After drawing eyes, it is wise to shape every part of face using 2B pencil.

As the left eye is drawn, right eyelid is given a shape and then by using 2B pencil shading is done.

After drawing both eyes, nose is drawn by using 2B and 1B pencil by shading from top to bottom. It is done after making a basic shape of nose which is then erased to give a realistic look.

After drawing nose and eyes, lips are drawn. Teeth are drawn with 2B and 2H pencil.

Today we have decided to collect best portrait drawing from all around the world. For this purpose DeviantArt, Flickr and portfolio websites of painters are the main source of drawings.

Pencil drawing online course - Download here

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