5 Brainier Tricks For Brand Positioning on Pinterest

With great power comes great responsibility, this phrase applies best to Pinterest as it recently celebrated it’s third Birthday couple months back and so as to say Pinterest has grown strength to strength and is now wallowing in it. A lot has been said about Pinterest and how to use it for popularizing any product or brand or services. Since, marketing is a science without any particular cookbook, the principles are all said and told but whatever makes a brand popular on Social Media Platform becomes a new trend in Marketing world and all try to fall in line with that referred trend. Pinterest has been a prime location for people who need to position or reposition Brands through it.

The best part about it is that its very visual since pictures are the best medium to convey the idea behind that particular image, a board or repins. Since the advent of Pinterest, Brand people started taking interest in a big P in circle, and found out that Pinterest allows showcasing any brand with great pictures and descriptions. Soon they started to Position their brands here and what’s there to say more?  Pinterest has already acclaimed more than 30 million monthly users and is now being taken as ultimate content and image marketing strategy by top brand owners because their brands are becoming easily discoverable and Pinterest is continuously evolving with new trends and becoming more user friendly.

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It’s easy for people to find great brands with great pictures and product descriptions and hence they look up to adding promotion on Pinterest, to their Marketing Budget.There are innumerable factors that can make a Brand Positioning or Repositioning easy and meaningful on Pinterest. Let’s see 5 of those factors and learn how people are doing great, using them.

Great Descriptions Makes Great Pins

Keeping in mind, how people usually search for brands and content related to it, relevant, meaningful and catchy descriptions should be added to each pin to make it more noticeable. There is no prescribed guide that says about facts that matter when it’s about Search Algorithm for Pinterest but descriptions are a great way to attract users as of till now content marketing is taking Brands to places.

While writing a description, keep in mind to include some popular keywords targeted to your brand, hashtags if you feel that they make your pins more searchable. But according to Pinterest to write well crafted phrases convince more than hashtags although they have not made it official but hashtags can also be used until they call it off. The description mustn’t be too lengthy but it should be interactive which eventually increases the chances of re- pinning and still keeping it conversational. Remember the approach is to include words or phrases that best describe your brand and are relevant too.

Google’s Watching, So Name Images Carefully

This is in the best interest of Brands on Pinterest that they be careful while naming the images they are uploading or pinning on their boards. Google and other search engines constantly crawl social media platforms and are indexed by them as well. So to make images more noticeable name them according to the practices that search engine follow for image classification. To obtain desired results your content and SEO team should work in collaboration to achieve the set goals of content marketing for your brand. Before you pin it just make sure that your image has a relevant name and content having the terms that will help your brand rank.

Use Call-To-Action Words, but effortlessly

The call-to-action terminologies are different for every social platform. What works on Facebook probably won’t work on Pinterest. Pinterest is a save for later conversation social platform where people save what they like, pin it, and discuss it later.like bookmarking content for later, although some call-to-actions match with the baiting CTAs for Facebook likes. Since it’s kind of hard to find out the appropriate CTAs for Pinterest, all you can do is use “Save it For Later” , “Pin it Later” etc. these should be undying type of CTAs since your pin or content on Pinterest is not instantly available in search results. The conversation about your brand may start much later to the date it was pinned but when it becomes a regularity keep your CTAs at a low rate retaining your brand image.

Content Should Be Forever

Why forever? If I must say it all together, Pinterest content and images get noticed and go viral gradually with time. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where whatever you post is the talk of the moment and it’s value lessens over time, at Pinterest the value of an image and it’s description increases with time, while understanding it and repinning. So, to increase the repinnability is more important than just to post images instantly. Think deeper, craft a great description for your image catchy enough to catch user’s eyes and then post it.Take the below image for instance, surely to promote a flat daily wear yet stylish footwear you need to write just the correct description for it so that people will repin it for their or their friend’s good. A footwear that goes with anything goes viral quickly.

Provide Value To Repinners

People, broadly saying, Pinners are not thoroughly searching for content on Pinterest but the content you are providing with your image should of great interest to them, they should find a reason and value for repping your pin. The eyes of the repinners ask questions like is this image worth repining, is the content relevant and interesting and so on. Cross promotion through various social media is a great way to spread your content and gain exposure if the targeted audience is using all those platforms. Like you can click an image of your latest recipe, give it a repinnable description and post it then after share it with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Borrowing content from other sites and repinning it doesn’t always help. Try something different and provide value to repinners.

This counts anything more than the brands craving to make it large on Pinterest although it’s more of a Try and Apply platform since Pinterest is developing and bringing change everyday, for good. There is no tested and approved “How To Guide to Pinterest”. So, take your chances, experiment and explore more.

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