25 Cute Tumblr Backgrounds

Tumblr is more than a blogging platform. It is more than just blogging it is a passion and became a hobby for many. Whereas most of the blogging platforms are spammed with money making affiliate blogs. Tumblr is away from that spam, it is a big community of people who share things they love. There are endless tumblr themes available in the world wide web, some of the premium themes are eye-opening.  As screen size is becoming bigger blog's background is becoming more important. A blog can't spread on whole of  the screen width, a background image helps to supplement to main blog theme. There are two types background images, first is textures and secondly more beautiful large images. Although it is very difficult to find them, I have collected theme from flickr and Deviantarts to help my readers to make their tumblr blogs even more beautiful.

I have started this series to make tumblr blogs look awesome. As people are not updating their blogs to make money and they are emotionally attached to their blog, they are ready to experiment anything that can make their blog look cute. Whereas it is very risky to use large images in affiliate blogs, things are different in tumblr blogs. As the tumblr servers are very strong and they became stronger after Yahoo acquired tumblr. In this series  have shared Tumblr themes, this time I am sharing backgrounds, next time I planning to share widgets that will rock your blog.

Today I have shared some cute tumblr backgrounds to fine tune your tumblog :-

Fashion background 

Cute blue


Sarah Shahi

Lush Scene

Chess Board

Elegant tumblr background

Alphabets background

Dirty Background for Tumblr

Disney cute pink background for Tumblr

Small guy 


Metro night




Dark fantasy


Wooden life

Pink texture

Floral texture

Crayon floral background


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  1. i am not regular tumbler user but gonna use one of the best background thnx all are great..