How to Improve Speed of your Website

Web Designers of the modern times are of a very clear Idea that this is the period of brands. The bigger is the name of the organisation, the better the market and the profits. Another thing that is not hidden from the modern times bloggers is that this is the period of extreme competition and professionalism. Give a look to our previous post where we shared WordPress customization tips. In this article we also covered Wordpress speed optimization tips. Thus all you have are seconds to make an impact in the modern blogging world, and in order to do that you have to make sure that your blog is fast, smooth and efficient.

To soar up in the ranks of blogs, the first and the primary thing that you require is the speed of your website to be better that other blogs. You can achieve this by the following tips:

1. Make a test for your Current Speed

The first step to increase the speed at which your blog works is, knowing your present speed. Once you are well acclaimed with that, that is when you can look for means and the extent up to which you can increase your blog speed. Applications like Google Analytics can help to a great extent in this case.

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2. Keep a proper knowledge of your host

 Find out whether your host is a user of the Gzip compression and deflation. By using these two means of compression and deflation you can reduce the file size by up to 65% to 70% without compromising with the quality of your pictures and files like video and sound.

Recommended tools for Gzip :-

3. Go minimal with the files you upload

There are certain files that take a lot of time to upload and thus reducing the speed of working of your blog. Thus choose carefully the data that you want to upload. Simple web layouts and graphics will help you in this case.

4. Image Optimisation

Direct uploading of images to your website takes a lot of time and speed. Thus it is advisable to compress the image without altering its quality before you upload a certain image. To start, you can try this.

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5. Cache WebPages and Stay Balanced

Caching of web pages allows the browser to load the web page with a faster speed. Balance your website for better outcome with respect to speed and visitors.

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