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Monday, 24 June 2013

Facebook Timeline Template - 10 Free and Cool Templates to Download

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Facebook have become an important part of marketing and customer relation building strategies of a business. Your Facebook page is the platform to interact with your prospective and current customers. With the launch of Facebook timeline in 2012, timeline template of a Facebook page had become very important for it. Because it is the first thing a viewer see when enters a page. Even the profile picture is very important, it depicts your brand to viewers, so brand logo should be used here.  Many businesses don't spare time to make a good and attractive timeline cover photo, many times they don't upload standardized photos hence the picture gets stretched and doesn't look good.

Facebook Timeline Template dimensions

Facebook Cover Photo (standard size):  851px x 315px

Facebook Profile Photo (standard size): 180px x 180px

Please download Facebook Timeline Template psd download

If you don't have much time, then you can use one of the following cover photos for your page or profile.

Facebook Timeline Template download

Free Facebook Timline Cover from Webdesignerlab

Puzzle Design Facebook Timeline template

Under construction cover design

Glamorous Facebook cover design

Free Facebook Timeline Cover Page PSD Template by Dokeshikurai

Template Facebook Timeline FREE

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