iPage Hosting Review - Never Choose Them

Title might made you clear that i am a highly unsatisfied iPage customer who left them recently. Ipage is the worst hosting provider ever seen, this website was previously hosted on ipage, After using their services for over a year, I am going to write an honest review about them.


Let me start with downtime. iPage promised me 99.9% uptime but i saw a long downtime in first month, I tried to contact customer support and they replied  "System upgrada is in process". There was no problem in that but that downtime repeated again and even for several times. I searched Google to track downtime and found Monitor.us a reputable yet free service to track downtime of a website. Results were unexpected, my website's uptime was 88.46% at an average. That means i was loosing 12% of my visitors because of downtime. Even when I tried to take this issue to Customer support I got a strange response. He said your website is slow because are using a database driven website. Gosh! 16% of the world's websites are made on WordPress so they should be out of business.

Site load speed

As you can see from the above screenshot, average response time was 3.2 seconds!!! That is more than average load time of this website now. I checked the speed of website on Pingdom, a well known tool for testing website's speed. On Pingdom average load time of my website was 39 seconds, now I am hosting same website on HostGator with same design and plugins and website load time is about 2.5 seconds.

I have noticed that you have built your site using WordPress application. Since your website is a database driven website, you may experience slight slowness while accessing it than a plain HTML page. A database driven website may load slowly due to too many processes having to be performed before returning the information to the browser which causing slight slowness. Many plugins often increase the size of each page and load unnecessary CSS files and JavaScript. So be sure to deactivate any plugins which are not being used. Additionally, please optimize your database and images to increase the loading speed. You can optimize your database via PHPMyAdmin interface.

If you have any further questions, please update the Support Console.


Tanessa Stark
Technical Specialist

Customer Service

They have worst customer support service ever seen. Their answers are tailor-made for questions like "My website is loading really slow" or "Downtime for my website is too long". Customer support executives gets irritated quickly and stop responding. When i asked my website is facing long downtimes, they responded that all our customers are really happy with our services and their websites are working fine. When I asked mine website is not working fine, he replied "Raman, please let me know what exactly you want from us?"

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  1. thanks raman for informing us their worstness. i am using hostgator and bigrock. they have good customer support. thats why people are happy from them.