How to Enhance Sales though Your Blog

There are many inexpensive, highly effective ways to market your business on the internet. Social networking sites, article directories, and pay-per-click advertising can all help you get the word out about products and/or services. But when it comes to targeting potential customers, nothing can compare to a good old-fashioned website. Why is this?

Whether we’re talking about television, radio, newspaper, or the internet, there are two reasons people avail themselves of these services—information and entertainment. As popular as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter may be, most people use them for entertainment purposes only. How do we know? We did a search online!

According to the latest Global Web Index Report, only around one in five online users visit branded social networking pages on a regular basis. But about three times that proportion (or 62 percent) regularly visit branded websites. As a result, websites are infinitely more popular than the branded business pages that are posted on social media sites. There are two simple reasons for this.

First and most obviously, internet users are far more likely to perform a web search on a search engine than they are to go to a social media site and perform that very same search. More than 4 billion searches are completed on Google each day, making it the most popular website and search engine on the planet. Secondly, social networking pages that are not under your control will not allow you to post nearly as much content as you could on your own website.

Get Recognized!

Only about half of all small businesses in America have an active website. Worse yet, most new owners do not update their web pages on a regular basis. In so doing (or not doing), they ignore a valuable resource that could help them reach new customers online. The reason for this neglect often comes down to dollars and cents. In other words, they don’t see any immediate return on an investment in a new website. What they do not realize, however, is that simply putting up a website is not enough in the Information Age. That website must be coded and managed in order to get the attention of the major search engines. If not, they will not appear near the top of search engine result pages.

There are many ways website owners can get themselves noticed by the major search engines, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, and website analytic tools. But at the end of the day, search engines prize unique content above all else. If the content featured on your website is original and it relates to the search the user made, there’s a good chance it will appear on a search results page. One of the most reliable and affordable ways to improve your search engine ranking is to add a blog.

Why it works?

As we mentioned, search engines crave original content. A blog gives website owners the ability to speak directly to potential customers about the specific products and/or services they offer. The more entries that are added, the more credible the site will become to the top search engines. Blogs are also an easy way to add more keywords to the pages of your website, which is another thing search engine search for.

Why doesn’t everyone do it?

A lot of people do! According to NM Incite, an online tracking company, there are over 180 million active blogs on the internet. But blogging is far less popular with small business owners than it is with ordinary people. One simple explanation for this discrepancy is that business owners don’t know what to write about. But that really shouldn’t stop you! If you run your own company, you’re obviously an expert in something. At the very least, you can blog about the trends and happenings in your industry.

A few tips

Include specific keyword phrases in each blog entry. This is arguably the most effective way to get search engines to notice your posts. Your rankings will invariably improve the more blog entries you add that include your keyword phases. Just be careful not to overuse these phrases, since search engines do not appreciate redundant content.

Add pictures of your products to your blogs. As videos and pictures become ever-more important to the online community, search engines are making the necessary adjustments and assigning higher rankings to websites that feature them. It also helps to make these images pinnable.

Provide links to product pages in your blogs. When talking about a product, always add pictures and include links to additional pages. The more a guest knows about any particular product, the more likely they are to purchase it. Not to mention the fact that added original content will improve your search engine ranking.

Highlight products with a shopping list at the end of each blog entry. As a general rule, visitors want blogs to sound like blogs, not like heavy-handed advertisements. One easy way to avoid an overly salesy style is to highlight the products that were discussed in the blog at the end of the page.

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