12 Realistic Pencil Drawing Tutorial For Drawing Realistic Portraits

From all forms of drawings, Pencil drawing stands out of crowd. It is the oldest and most artistic form of drawing. Today I am going to showcase best pencil drawing tutorial available in the market to teach you pencil drawing quickly. In olden times,  people use charcoal and graphite were used to draw portraits but now colored pencils take place of charcoal and graphite pencil drawing.

First of let me tell you there are four types of Pencil drawing :-
  1. Graphite 
  2. Colored Pencil 
  3. Charcoal 
  4. Pastel Painting
Pencil drawing is one of the oldest of art among all. It is a historian art. Many renowned artists such as Picasso earned fame making great pencil portraits. The main things to consider while starting pencil drawings are
  1. Selecting right pencils 
  2. Selecting right paper 
  3. Selecting high quality erasers 
  4. Selecting right fixation products
Now after having 6 years experience in design industry I decided to learn drawing portraits. It took me 3 days to research and find the best tutorial series. Quality of free video tutorials was really bad and further they are unsystematic and incomplete. I wasted few hours on reading tutorials collected by Smashing magazine and J.D. Hillberry, both wasted my time. In case of premium video courses, reviews from my friends were really bad. After wasting my money on 3 video tutorial series, I am listing down all pencil drawing tutorials available in the market :-

#1 Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home Study Course

I recommend this tutorial series. This video tutorial course saved lot of my time. Instead of using "Trail and Error" method this series teaches how to draw pencil portraits in a systematic way. I never knew that drawing eye lashes is so technical. The difficult thing in pencil drawing was drawing a eyebrows, 2 part of this series taught me how to draw flawless eyebrows in less than 30 minutes!!!

Link of official website

I draw this 3 months before, still I saved this in my flip book.

Give a look to what I draw after using techniques given in this video tutorial series :-

Now give a look to final drawing after learning all the techniques and skills from this video tutorial series

I highly recommend this Pencil drawing tutorial series, you can get this for $47 with 2 months money back guarantee.

Here is official website to buy this course

#2 How To Draw Pencil Portraits Quickly And Easily In 7 Days!

This is the second premium tutorial series which I purchased and in my opinion it worth every single penny. Christopher teaching style is amazing. He met his promise to teach pencil drawing in a week. Both of these tutorial series are provided by Christopher Sia, in first one he went deep in teaching the art creating amazing portraits using pencils where in second one the he explained time-saving techniques. I recommend both.

Here is link to official website

Pencil drawing online course - Download here

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