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Thursday, 14 March 2013

4 sumptuous examples of edible typography

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Does your mouth “water” at the sight of exotic dishes? Is food your biggest weakness? If yes, then you are surely going to love each and every delicious typographical treats which the leading designers have come up with. After all, it is not less than a heaven for food lovers who cannot ask for any thing more than this for sure. They are indeed inspired to the core from the following skills as the designers have presented such sophisticated and enriching typography.

 1. Gourmet

Lauren Nicholehom designed such an innovation. The design promises to be greatly used in bakeries, restaurants as well as packaging of food.

2. Fabian Bjornstjerna

The aforesaid picture gives you a natural substitute to edible typography. Hence, check it out.

3. Bite

Anne Garforth is instrumental towards designing such an effective and beautiful poster. Being a renowned designer and has esteemed clients world over, aforesaid is the design which is centered on the baked type.

4. I Want Candy

Samuel Mensah-Bonsu created such an innovative and colorful poster as it indeed gives an exotic and mouth-watering effect due to the embedded candies.

Finally, these mouthwatering examples  have the potential of triggering your own typography efforts. Hence, you cannot get a greater reason to have sumptuous and delicious eatables which you have always wanted. However, there is a word of caution. Ensure a check on your weight as well. As these visuals are indeed going to tempt you to have real bites. Isn’t it?

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