30 Most Eye Catching Celebrity Websites

In our day being famous automatically means having an official online presentation. It can be a simple account on a social network though, but when you are a celebrity of a national or global size – a blog or an official website is a total must have. Celebrity Websites are known for their eye opening designs and wow look.

For us fans seeing our idols’ photos wherever possible, watching their movies and videos, games, interviews and TV shows is not enough anymore. We are happy to follow them on Twitter, to see their pictures on Facebook, to read their thoughts on their blogs, to check out their personal websites. And if there is no website we feel as if there is not enough information, and that can be pretty disappointing at times.

Even though there is a lot of critique towards celebrity websites (and their absence) on the Internet, we’ve tried to really look around and find 30 most attractive and eye-catching ones that are really pleasant to surf. Take a look and do tell us what you think!

Whitney Houston

Avril Lavigne

Nicole Kidman

Mariah Carey



Natalia Oreiro

Robin Williams




Nelly Furtado

Alicia Keys

Jennifer Lopez



Lady Gaga

Tom Cruise


Tyler Perry

Bon Jovi

Brad Pitt

Leonardo DiCaprio

Maria Sharapova

Julie Roberts

Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe

Chuck Norris

Alyssa Milano

Amy Winehouse

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  1. Don't know why Bruce Springsteen's site (www.brucespringsteen.net) isn't in this list, but it's definitely eye-catching and even responsive.

  2. Ramandeep Singh6 March 2013 at 06:03

    Thanks for addition, will update soon after getting more suggestions.

  3. Very Nice Post... Thanks !

  4. Very nice list ..Can you please add some Indian Celebrity as well as in to the list..