11 tips to design a beautiful and lively bedroom for Kids

Bedroom is nothing less than a kingdom for children. They spend a big chunk of their time in the prized comfort of the same. As parents it is your responsibility to create a bedroom which is synonymous with endless and electrifying fun. After all, it is a place where they play, sleep and work. Hence, they get the appropriate guidance and conducive atmosphere to grow up especially at such a tender age when they need care and comfort the most.
Having a space of their own makes them quite excited as well. They want to ensure that the bedroom should be according to their needs and likes. Similarly, you also do not leave any stone unturned towards making sure that the desired changes are according to their expectations. Hence, it necessitates you to ask your children regarding the desired changes which they want.  Thereby, you can strategize towards doing the things in a specific way. It is equally important to set an eye on the budget which will help your tiny tots to get the place of their dreams. While reading the following article, you will create the biggest possible change. Similarly, you will be able to give an artistic touch to the bedroom. In other words, the dull and monotonous look will give way to lively and charismatic atmosphere which cannot be described in mere words.

Create space for every child

child space.
If a room is shared by two children, a space should be carved for both of them. It can be done by placing tall bookcases, which will act as dividers. Besides giving them full privacy, it is equally going to make the things organized as well.

Buy full sized bed

fb Parents prefer beds which fit their children for the time being, not releasing that the child will eventually grow in due course. It is important to care for the future needs of child. Hence, if the room is spacious enough, then go for buying a full sized bedroom.

Use Rugs

Bedroom scatter rugs are a must, but they should be skid proof. Purchase a nonskid backing or place nonskid pad under each rug. It will help your children enjoy in the best way without harming themselves in the process.

Hang decorations

Hang decorations and other pieces of artistic creations which should be low enough so that your child can derive enjoyment. It is a child’s room and you need to make sure that these are within the reach of your children as well.

Use children’s toys as decor

The toys of your children can indeed make an artistic piece of decoration. You can hang large toys by using hooks. Hence, it makes the whole ambience quite beautiful as well.

Ceiling should be decorated

ceiling decorated
You can decorate the ceiling with glowing stars. This will give a reason for kids to stare it especially as they are about to sleep. It will feel that they are actually gazing at the night stars.

Cover the flooring

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Kids will inevitably crawl on the floor in order to play. By placing a broadloom, you will protect their feet, knees, hands along with other parts of the body.

Refrain from yellow color

yellow crying
Do not include yellow in your kid’s room. Research has shown that children cry by seeing even the shades of yellow, while older children become quite irritable.

Create a room for art work

Place cork tiles in large section of the wall so that you can let them indulge in artwork, mementoes, and posters. Thereby, it does not dirty the walls.

Give a new look to the furniture

Purchase furniture which is unpainted so that it can be decorated in kid-friendly colors and it can be repainted according to their needs and liking.


As you are in the process of designing your kid’s bedroom, you need to realize the fact that your little ones are in their growing age. Hence, the design of the room will inevitably be changed in near future since interests amongst the children at such a tender age keep on changing. So, you should be welcoming enough towards making changes. In order to accomplish their desires, you need to recycle the furniture. Therefore, you need to be accommodative. In this way, you can help them enjoy the priceless moments without burning a hole in your pocket.

Finally, aforesaid are the 11 tips to design a beautiful and lively bedroom for kids. In this way, you will create the biggest transformation as decorated room speaks volumes about the personality of a child. Seeing your child happy will indeed give you enough reasons to feel proud and blessed as well. Isn't it?


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