10 tips to design your hand bag

In such a fashion conscious world, you need to be equally fashionable in order to be in the limelight. Bags being one of the most visible parts indeed enhance your personality like never before. Hence, if you are looking to design your own custom made handbags, then you can do in the easiest possible manner. After all, the following article will help you with the 10 exemplary tips. It is going to do wonders for you towards being a proud owner of the innovative, trendy, classy and durable bags as it will enhance your charisma even more.

Enhance your sewing skills

You need to master your skills towards making things easy for you. If you thought, that you have to be highly proficient and skilled in learning this art, you need to think again. Since, you neither need lots of fancy stitches nor computerized embroidery. You just need to learn the basics and that’s it.

Choose the specific category

There are so many different categories of handbags. From every day use to those meant for holidaying or attending parties. Hence, it is important for you to choose the one which you are going to prepare so that you do not get confused in the process.

Take inspiration from various hand bags

You need to go with your own set of preferences. You can look at your friend’s bags or consult with others regarding the prevailing trend.

Ascertain the utility of bag

Bags are regarded to be of immense utility. There are various necessary items which you  carry inside the same. Like  hairbrushes, combs, cell phones, hair spray, hand sanitizer etc. In order to make them in a systematic form, all these items should be separated by pockets. Hence, considering their immense utility, bags have certainly become an integral part in the lives of one and all.


Learn the art of making various pockets as well as straps.

Ask yourself as to how are you going to use the bag

Fabric will be chosen according to the way you will put your bag to use. If in case you are eying for a bag for your daily use, then leather will be the best choice due to its durability. If in case you want to give your bag a bit of sporty look ,then choose canvas, vinyl or denim. On the hand, if you want to carry the bag in the parties, then the soft fabric or satin will work wonders for you.

Be creative

being creative
Be your creative best while stitching the handles of your purse. It can be done with appliqué embroidery along with decorative buttons, since it work wonders for your purse. You need to realize the simple fact that you are not a purse designer who will come up with an awesome design at the first go. Work hard towards knowing the intricacies. After all, according to a saying, “hard work pays”, therefore, continuously work towards the same.

Add feat

add fee
If you happen to put your prized bag on the floor too often, it is highly recommended to add feat since it provides much needed protection.

Do thorough and detailed preparation

enhance your sewing skills
The best thing is that you neither have to enroll yourself in the traditional design school or investing in buying a big chunk of store bought patterns. You can really get some of the authentic and coveted designs just with a little of introspection as it indeed prove to give you the biggest reason to be stylish like never before.

Resort to advanced sewing techniques

It is important to use highly sophisticated techniques in order to ensure the best results. Now, you can equally be in the center of attraction in the parties and get together as you will give various coveted reasons for others to be awestruck with possibly owning the best bag in town. It will literally create a rage of sorts.


Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, isn’t it quite easy to design your custom made handbags like the way you have always wanted. Now, you can show to the world your feminine side thanks to such artistic piece of creations where words stop short of praising your hidden talent. Can it really get easier than this for you? Well, not. Hence, it necessitates you to know the aforesaid tips towards making the best artistic piece which is going to enhance your sensuality even further. After all, nothing matters more than being the proud owners of the possibly the best bag in town. Isn’t it?

thanks to such trendy yet innovative bags, you can equally travel


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