Tips for E-Commerce Website Design

The Internet has played a part in bringing down evolution and revolution in most of the areas of routine life of a social animal. The dimensions of friendship has been changed so as the directions of shopping. E-Commerce is a present trend. It is a trend with potential. Shopping all a wide spectrum items just at a click is an idea that will see the years of glory. It’s a unique concept, that’s why its design also needs some distinguished nature or an inherent appearance that must be oozing out from it. So, here we are going to provide certain tips that a designer should keep in mind while creating an E-commerce website.

You are going to sell products

As a designer you should consider a point that this website is created just to sell product to its online customers. Selling is a priority function of this website. We are not trying to cut your wings in the sky of creativity. But creativity must not overpower the basic function of website. So, while designing such website you have to keep some basic principles of online shopping right in your creative tool box.

The principles to be followed are,

  • Must be pleasant to surf and user-friendly.
  • Contact information and Ownership details should be easily accessible in order to develop and maintain customer’s trust.
  • It should not have a lag, hang or Loading-loading scenario everywhere.
  • Make sure you optimize your store for mobile users. This is why it is necessary to implement mobile web design in the eCommerce website implementation.

Enhance the curiosity

Psychology does play a role when it comes to shopping whether it is online or offline. As online selling is a different concept, it deals with a different genre of psychology. People on the Internet are always attracted by something that is less revealing yet giving a hint or drawing a path to product for customers.

For example you can see a new concept developing among designers and developers, named “one click concept”. In this concept a single page has a single link that redirects to Order Details so that customer is having an option of ordering the item just at a single click. If they want know more about the product, customers can have an option of Know More about this Product below the link. Certain websites are giving 2-3 links of similar products on a single page.

Know More About Your Customer

The above mentioned “one click concept” is really an innovative one. The scenario can be a whole different on when it comes to Online Multi-brand Shops. They have a abundant amount of items to offer, so what can they do to impress their customers at their very first visit to the site?
You can enable your users just by giving them an option of joining or signing up with popular social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked in. By this option you are enhancing your customer base without irritating them by making them fill long, tedious and boring personal information form. By this option you will have a compromised access to the profile of your potential customer. So, you can have a good amount of information regarding his/her interests, personality and choices. According to this you can present him personalized offers while giving him an option to “let us know more about you, so we can give you more personalized products and offers”.

This is mere a single example. Creativity has no limits!


Layout plays equally important role for an E-Commerce website. There are lots of market researches and surveys are going on nowadays showing which area of the page attracts the visitors most. And these researches has revealed that Central part of the page and middle to left central part of the page are the places on page that draws a lot of attention so here you have an option to put the things that you want to magnify by visitors’ eyes!!This helps in optimizing website for best possible user experience.

 In addition to all these basic tips you have to take care of certain other areas such as…

  • Innovative, accessible, simple, user-friendly and easily manageable Shopping cart
  • On Page Optimization of certain buttons (e.g. Product review, Add to cart)
  • Simple, quick and point wise description of product even without a click
  • Don’t forget to mention availability of products
  • Optimized site searching option with auto complete function
  • Ask the visitors to write short reviews and long testimonials
  • Take care of your checkout page (Make it as simple as possible)

If you are thinking about having an E-commerce website or you have already, then check these basics of web designing of E-Commerce site and after that we hope a turnover of million bucks for your endeavours.

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