Why Most Of the Blogs Fails Within Few Months

In last few years blogs have occupied more than 50% of internet. Some are successful and some are just more than successful. This blogs inspire other bloggers to create live stream of money. But looking at wide picture most of the blogs are fail. Fail in the sense they are enable to achieve traffic and accordingly money. If you are web developer, web designer, writer or technical persona and want to start a blog then this article is for you. There are lots of reasons behind failure of blogs and you need to know this reason to avoid them.

Whether you are existing blogger or newbie or planning to start one; Here are several reasons why blog fails and tips to avoid them. The basic mistake often done by blogger is to choose a wrong web hosting service which often leads to loss of data. Before, you do anything make sure you host your website on a professional service provider. Choosing a right web hosting provider for your business should be the first priority. There are many other things which you should take care of.

Reasons why blog fails

  1. PATIENCE:  Most of the blogger thinks blogging is quick money. They don’t have good enough patience and start thinking about the results and riding their dreams over them. Blogging is not a overnight game, it takes hard work, time and patience.

  2. NICHES: Some bloggers don’t select niches properly. They actually don’t know how to do blogging and what to post on blogs. Most of the bloggers are not clear about selection of niches and this becomes reason of failure.

  3. BACKLINKS: Most of the bloggers fails to create backlinks. Backlinks are the key players in Google page rank. They help you to drive traffics to your website. Backlinking is necessary element in creating successful blog.

  4. MONITIZATION: Some of bloggers focus only on monetization. They put lots of advertisements on their website to maximize revenue. It gives shady look to website and distracts users away from website.

  5. Attractive content: Some bloggers fails to maintain attractive content to their blogs. Quality and unique content always attract reader. Most of the blogs fails because contents.

  6. PUBLISH DAILY: Some bloggers don’t post regularly and this can be big reason behind failure of blog. Most of the blog successfully attract reader but fails to maintain them. Publishing content on regular basis can be reason behind successful or failure blog.

  7. INTERACION: Most of the time bloggers fails to interact with reader. Due to time or multiple blogging stress bloggers avoid looking after comments given by their viewer. Sometimes this may work against your blog and your valuable reader will think he is less important for you or your blog.

  8. STEALING: Most of the blogs steal contents from another blog. Wiki-record says more than 40% internet is duplicate. Stealing content is crime and even affects page rank and trustworthiness of blog. Stealing of content or another media can be reason behind failure of blog.

  9. DO NOT QUIT: Most of the time when blogger don’t see growth they decide to quite their blog. But we can see main reason behind this closed blog is not a loss of revenue but loss of confidence. Always be confident about what you are doing.

Success is a child of failure. If you are facing any of the problems as above defeat them and make your blogging more successful.

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