5 Designing Mistakes That Will Make Your Blog Boring

Blogging is not something which is ready to cook. If you want to be a problogger, then you have to be immensely patient at the beginning. I have found many bloggers who face a very slow rate of success, but somewhere down the line, everybody has to stand at the similar margin initially. At first place, many blogger get messed up with writing post. They struggle terribly with making their interesting and forget to maintain the continuity of their blog. Let me tell you that it is a bad idea to get stuck at the one place and it is not only a writing that makes your blog a hit. Blogs are the virtual representation and hence it needs to be highly attractive

For any blog, design and host are vital important things. While design makes the website stunningly beautiful, hosting represents the site in quicker way to the users. They both are two side of the coins and at no cost you can ignore any one of them. This is why we insist Home Host to every clients of ours.

Let us discuss five designing mistakes that will make your blog boring

Not hiring a professional web designer

I have seen many bloggers who act a little miserly when it comes to their website designing. However, even if you are the great writer, you need a very impressive blog to attract your customers. A blog design is a crucial in the sense that a good web design showcases your thought in the most powerful manner.  One of the great designing mistakes is not hiring the designing professionals. A bad website design can destroy all your potential, so you must focus on the web design for you.

Stuffy web design

It is true that a stuffy blog does not attract your readers much. A reader always expects simple and brief blog entries. Moreover, if you stuff your blog with too many affiliate links and in-line ads, banner ads, and pop-up and pop-over ads, people would definitely get annoyed.  As far as monetizing your blog is concerned, too many back links embedded in your blog is again annoying.  Another major point of discussion is photos and graphics. It is a very good to post photos and graphics on your blog, but posting uncompressed images is again a problematic situation as it makes it tremendously slow to load the pages.  Simply what you need to do here is to convert the images from BMP to JPEG format, which helps to reduce the file sizes without affecting its quality. Alternatively putting down too many uncompressed images would make it to look crowded and junky to readers, and will drag away traffic.

Awful color match

there are many blogs that are left with boring color combinations. Splashing your blogs with vibrant colour is a great idea but avoid infusing very hard and burning colors as it is not much desirable. Many bloggers end up with overdone task and thus making it a very odd color combination. It creates headache and they don’t feel like spending time at your blog.

Bad logo or banner design

Templates are one of the major criteria of blog designing. There many several blogger templates used to make heading, logo and banner to distinguish it from the other one. It is again a great idea if you hire professional to doing such task as a jaded and clumsy logo makes your blog a boring affair. You have to look at several fine prints while logo designing and templates, such as it must be simple, unique, clean lay out of your blog etc.

Infusing music

Believe me or not, but putting music on your blog is seriously a bad idea. At this first place it annoys people who are in the hurry to find something, and is suspected to irritate many potential customers at your site. Many people presume it as a gesture of unprofessionalism. Thus, putting music is again a boring idea for blogging.

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