TGB Blogger Template from Design Rapid

Today i have decided to giveaway blogger template i am using on The Good Blogger. Most of the bloggers don't want to share their custom design but just for blogosphere's strong need for better templates for newbie bloggers having low budget, i am giving them away this blogspot template.

Demo  Download


  • Two column design

  • Custom feedburner subscribe by email widget

  • Custom designed heading tags

  • Automatic thumbnail and post excerpts

  • Beautiful top navigation menu

  • Very fast and minimal design

How to use TGB Blogger Template

Using Navigation Menu

Open your blog,  from navigation menu find what you what to replace. For example you want to replace label "Blogging" with your label "yourlabel"

Open Edit Html -->> search for "" and replace it with ""

Changing Logo

Image that is used as logo is 294*96.  Make a logo your self and to change logo
Open Edit Html -->> search for "" and replace it with your logo image.

Support - For support, comment below. I will try to answer your queries as soon as possible, I don't think you will find any problem in using this blogspot template.

Help Us - You can help us by sharing our website on social media websites or by giving us a link in your website.

Warning - Your blog can be deleted by Google without any prior warning in case you remove the footer credit without my permission.

Pencil drawing online course - Download here

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  2. Ramandeep Singh31 May 2013 at 21:12

    Unable to understand what you are trying to say.

  3. Ruly Jenar Nakula31 May 2013 at 21:48

    I like this template, but can not be downloaded..

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