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Saturday, 8 December 2012

5 Best Thesis skins that stand out of crowd

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Thesis is the most amazing WordPress theme framework. With the launch of thesis 2.0, whole of the thesis community is very excited, many of the Genesis users are planning to migrate to Thesis skins and a lot more migrating from WordPress themes. So today we handpicked best thesis skins available in the marketplace.

In our previous post we discussed about Genesis child themes, we handpicked the best of all genesis child themes. Although it would be unfair to compare them but Thesis 2.0 changed the game. It made design part very easy, now thesis is running towards simplicity. You can change the look and feel of your website within few moments. Further when you see your website in a plain text browser, it looks very clear and free of "Code Bloat", so this theme is made for search engines. So here is the list of best thesis skins :-

Thesis Bold (Free)

An amazing thesis skin for bloggers, gaming websites

Demo and download


Blink is an amazing thesis skin designed by Themedy, a well known name in thesis skin providers. It is a clean and elegant thesis skin with minimal design. Blink have amazing home page layout, post layout is equally fantastic. This theme gives a feel of custom designed blog although it is a template !!

Demo and Download

Marketers Delight 2

This is the best selling thesis skin ever. Also Marketing Delight 3 is out which is compatible with Thesis 2.  It is a very clean, simple and responsive design, looks really good on all screens. It includes Page Leads, so you have landing page templates in your thesis skin !!! This skin really increases sale conversins and email signups.

Demo and Download


Reactiv is an amazing thesis skin again from Themedy, quite clean and professional. Although it can be improved by placing the logo in the center and using somewhat bigger logo to make it more brandable.

Demo and Download


Chronicl is an amazing thesis skin from Kolakube. The best thing in this colorful skin is its top menu, as you all know i am a menu lover ;) I love this skin.  This menu used web symbols typface from here . So you can use any of the image in your menu. Also the footer and typography used are really attractive.  Currently this theme coming with free lifetime updates and unlimited use on own websites.

Demo and Download

It really depends upon the requirements of user to decide which theme to choose. Marketers Delight is popular for its high conversion rate whereas Chronicl looks really beautiful. It you to decide which one to choose.

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  1. Nice Skins I Want To Use Chronicl Skin Pack
    And Thanks For Sharing This Post


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