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Thursday, 20 December 2012

60+ Old Paper Textures to Give your Designs an Old Look

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Using old paper textures brings an "Old Look " to the designs. This old look can be associated with the memories which fills emotions in a design. Thats why every designer loves to give that old look to their designs. But its really difficult to find good old paper textures that matches the feel of your design. Old Paper textures can be created by scanning an old paper or by using Photoshop but it is really difficult to create such, thanks to those brilliant designers and photographers who created and shared this beautiful stuff for free. Retro and old school fonts looks really good in these old looking designs. So today i am going to share some beautiful old paper textures that i have seen around the web in my design career. You can download them free as i am linking the source. As always i am open for suggestion in comment box, internet is too huge nowadays. There is a big probability that a left some wonderful piece of work, you can let me know by commenting below. If you find your piece of work here, note that I am your Fan!!!

13 HQ Old paper textures

Designer -  Montaser Hamed Abou Zahr Diaz

19 High resolution burnt paper textures

Designer - Max Standworth

Old Paper textures

Designer - Unknown

Paper Textures

Designer - Jana S.

Old Paper 1

Designer - Morningstocks


Designer - Playingwithbrushes

 Old paper by Bittbox

Designer - Bittbox

 Old paper spread

Designer - Bittbox

High resolution paper texture

Designer - Lasse Korsgaaard

 Old paper texture

Designer - Playing with brushes

Vintage paper texture pack

Designer - Knald

 Rough edge old paper textures

Designer - Fuzzimo.com

Old and damaged paper textures

Designer - Smashmethod

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