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Friday, 28 December 2012

40 Examples of Angel Photography

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In the series of sharing amazing photography types, today I have decided to share one of the most amazing and interesting type of photography, that is Angel photography. It's really an amazing kind of art, filling emotions and life into a normal picture. Creating a dreamy like picture is really difficult, in this post i am sharing some of the best photographs of angels i have ever faced in my career.

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Before that give a look to a piece of writing which i wrote once for someone special.
I can't think the way you want me to think
Because all I think about is you
Your face
Your eyes
Your smell
Your voice
Your wonderful touch that moves me
I can't even sleep without you because you intrude in my dreams
I need you in a way I can't describe in words
I don't know why
It must sound strange
To love someone like this
I'm so sorry
I can't even describe in words what i feel
I'll be same to you
What I used to be
I'll be your Devil

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