11 Trick Photography Techniques and Tutorials

Trick Photography is use of illusionary objects, lights and positioning to get imaginary events as result. Everybody wants to create beautiful and illusionary pictures, just knowing photoshop is not enough to master this art. A deep sense of logic and a bit of sixth sense is required to capture these kind of images. Some people use motion while some capture pictures on the way.  So here are some handpicked trick photography tutorials :-

Professional looking motion blur trick

This is widely used  photography technique in popular magazines and commercials.

Tilt Shift Trick

This effect is used in manu of the automobile advertisements to make the vehicle look apart from the crowd. Although this is really simple trick but have great impact on look and feel of photographs.

High speed photography

High speed photography is actually a bit of science. It need lot of skills to do it perfectly. These effects can be applied using basic home equipments. In High speed photography, speed of subject is used and with the help bluring effects rest of part is slow down. There is more emphazise on giving subject more importance.

Smoke Photography

Using smoke as a subject can give amazing finishing to your artwork. Find more in this tutorial

 Changing normal photos into cinematic like portrait

This is an amazing photoshop trick from tutsplus. By using a simple rain drop texture and some minor tweaks they converted a normal looking picture to a masterpiece.

 Converting black and white images into colored

This is 5 step tutorial by Photochopz which would help you convert black and white images into colored.

Capturing Car trails

This trick is a combination of night photography and motion photography. This is an amazing photography trick which can help you take professional pictures quickly.

 Infrared Photography

This is a full fledged guide to serve everything about Infrared Photography.  Every part of infrared photography is deeply explained.

Light Photography Tricks

Light is being used as an photography effects since many decades. Mixing lights gives amazig effects to images. Normally moon light is mixed with city light or artificial source of light.

Escher's Droste Effect

This is highly used trick, creating illusion of subject. Same phenomenon have been used as two mirrors are placed head to head.

Little Planet Effect

This is an amazing tutorial, which is also part of many photography books.

Try Trick Photography Ebook and video tutorials

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