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HTML5 is the future of web. It is not an additional library or software that needs to be installed on a computer or loaded on a website, it is the 5th revision of HTML which was standardized as HTML4 in 1997. Developers of browsers need to update their browsers to deliver HTML5 in their browsers. HTML5 is a huge improvement and brought a revolution to web development industry.  HTML5 allows developers to create web apps inside a browser. It added huge functionality and still possibilities of HTML5 apps are unknown as it is in development stage. I have researched on HTML5 apps that gave path to other
developers, here they are :-

1) This Shell

This Sell is an HTML5 experiment, in which users are given video puzzle. Video is divided into parts and users need to correct the picture by drag and drop the parts of video. The one who completes the puzzle gets a song for download as reward.

2) MugTube Sketchpad

It is an amazing sketch app in HTML5.  You will find a huge variety of features in it. It is one of the best sketch apps on web and it loads so quickly even on a slower connections.

 3) Citicles

Cititicles is an HTML5 app which collects the data of a city based upon upon a user's IP address. Result comes in form of city's population, temperature, latitude, time, longitude and latitude.

4) #graph

#graph is an HTML5 based web app that visualizes the relationship between various twitter hashtags.

5) Coolender

It is a cool HTML5 app, sleek and simple, very useful for time management.

6) Lucid Charts

A fine online diagram and chart maker, made on HTML5. It's a clean, elegant and useful app that can be used.

 7) X-Worlds

X-Worlds is an amazing platform for kids. They can make a model and then submit it to X-Model, a new illustration will come out that is really cool.

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