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Monday, 8 October 2012

34 Amazing 3D Character Models

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Most of us often get excited while watching an awesome 3d character models , everyone loves The Mask, Ice Age and Kung-Fu Panda. There is a lot of efforts of 3d graphic designers behind these 3d characters. The one i personally like is The Mask, this came out of a comic and designed by Doug Mahnke. New technologies have made 3d character models designing quite easy, also good designers are coming up with better and real looking characters each day.

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  1. Wow, i just discovered this page, i'm the guy who made The illustration of "The Mask", thanks for sharing our Art, would be nice from the autor of those kind of pages to get informed that our illustration are posted there.
    Would be cool also if you could post the website of the artists.
    Thanks again for sharing, glad to know that some people like it

  2. Great piece of art Julien. We are making " Submit your work" page here on Design Rapid, soon it will be up for readers, so it would be easy to us give the recognition and credit to great artists like you.


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