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Monday, 15 October 2012

10 Creative Sets Of Fresh And Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes

Internet has spoilt our habit of doing hard work. All thanks to the spoon-feeding features that provide readymade solutions to almost everything. Well, there is nothing bad associated to it. After all, it helps in saving a great deal of time and so can I. If you are a designer and often end up searching the web world for some free Adobe Photoshop brushes, then I might have the right thing for you in stores. It would not be exaggerated to say that Photoshop is one of the most widely used graphics and designing program in the market. This is the reason behind millions of designers searching the web world for some fresh brushes to be included in their arsenal. So, here is a fine collection of 10 most creative brush packs that are capable of delighting even the most astute designers. With some light effects, abstract, swirl, ornamental, grunge, paper, paint strokes and spray type brushes, there is something for every designer. Have Fun!

1. High Resolution Leaf Brush

This pack includes 7 quite amazing brushes, capable of giving birth to some quite amazing leafy designs.

2. Painted Strokes Brushes

This amazing set includes 13 stylish brushes, ranging from 1700 to over 2500 pixels. It was made quite earlier and therefore, will work well with PS CS3 and the later versions.

3. Cool Brushes

This is quite an awesome collection of 30 cool brushes for creative and out-of-the-box designing.

4. Valentine Brush Set

The Valentine Brush pack mainly includes designs inspired by Valentines Day postage, love cards, stamps, envelopes and postcards.

 5. Bokeh Brushes

This pack includes a collection of 8 high quality painting brushes for enhanced effects.

6. Ornamental Butterflies 2

This awesome set includes 35 amazing brushes for creating beautiful butterfly and heart designs.

7. Snowflake Brushes

This pack consists of 24 overwhelming individual snowflake brushes, along with four variations to each of them. This is created for Adobe Photoshop 7 and later versions.

8. Hand Drawn Arrow Photoshop Brushes

My personal favorite, Hand Drawn Arrow Photoshop Brushes is an innovative brush set and is capable of giving soft edges to the tough corporate lines.

9. Musik Brushes Vol. 2

This creative set of musik brushes is amazingly helpful in creating some cool musical designs.

10. Smoke Brush

Add a smoking effect to your designs by making use of this innovative smoke brush.

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