How to Add Adsense Ads Anywhere in Wordpress Blog Post

Adsense is one of the main source of income to most of the bloggers arounf the world.  But there are some problems with adsense, Low CTR and Low CPC. Some of the bloggers reported that their cpc is 2 cents and CTR is less then 1%.

Even i was facing the same problem. But one day i was suggested by a pro-blogger that i need to concentrate on ad placement and number of ad slots.  So i placed the adsense ads in between the posts and decreased the number of ads per post from 3 to 1 or 2. Results are really good. Adsense income increased fro $2 per day to $8 per day. Now let me tell you how i did that :-

Step 1. Adding Adsense code to Functions.php

Open Appearance --> Editor -->Functions.php

Insert the below code just above ?> in functions.php
function adsenseads() {
return '<div id="adsenseads">
<---------adsensence code here------------>
add_shortcode('showmyad', 'adsenseads');


Step 2. Add style to Ads

Copy and paste the below code to main css file, it should be style.css

float: center;
text-align: center;
display: block;
border: 5px solid #ED702B;}

 Step 3. Use Shortcode anywhere in your wordpress posts

Now you can use shortcode [showmyad] anywhere in your wordpress blog posts. Remember to use this shortcode in Html view.

I have uploaded a video tutorial on youtube see it here  , in case you face any problem, just leave a commment or contact me via contact page :)

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