5 Apps and Browser Extensions that can help improve work productivity

Technology virtually runs our lives today. You can depend on so many things, all which can be supplied by technology. Of course over reliance on technology reduces your capabilities as a human being. In the work place, there are different technologies at your disposal. Some of these are applications (popularly referred to as Apps) and browser extensions. These can either be activated or deactivated to make you more productive. Here are some of the apps and extensions that can make you more productive at work.

Email checker

As the name suggests, this is an app that allows you to check email. Research has shown that, employees waste up to an hour or two checking emails. This defrauds your employer of valuable work and needs to be cut. The email checker saves you the agony of checking emails each time. You can actually schedule all emails for viewing at an opportune time.

This app ensures that your email updates are organized. You don’t have to cram up to different interruptive emails, hence saves time.

Chrome's time tracker

This is a Google chrome time tracking extension. It’s especially important if you are tracking billable time and enables you keep realistic time spend doing a particular piece of work. Although there are many time trackers, this one is very simple to use and install. To add on it, this extension ensures you are on track at all times. You don’t have to waste time on useless things. This ensures that all time is accounted for and billed for. This is very important for you.

Time rescue

Time rescue is an app build to help you analyze how you spend time. Once set, this app collects all the data (related to time) on how much time is spend on a task and reports. With it, you will be able to not only set reminders that the task is taking longer than supposed to.

This tremendously helps cut down on wastages and more so, makes sure you are indeed productive. This application is for individuals who want to be more productive and efficient.

Website blockers

The amount of time employees spend on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter can lower productivity. However, using a website blocker, you can shut this websites away when you want to get serious with work. Website blockers come in different forms. Some are apps while others are browser extensions.

One of the most popular browser website blockers is StayFocusd. This extension is available on Google chrome and could save you a lot of valuable time. Of course there are other apps that are effective in this function. Choose one you can customize. Though hard at first, in the long run, you will be more productive and profitable.


This is an application which helps you become organized. It’s especially good if you keep notes scattered all over as a reminder. Moreover given that this app allows you to sync photos, screens, notes and s accessible on mobile, organization will be greatly improved and hence productivity.


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