Things to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

Redesigning your website can be a great idea to inject a little life into it, to boost business, and attract some new traffic. However, if you are thinking of redesigning your website, there are quite a few important things you must consider.

Before you get started with anything, you need to set yourself some goals. Why are you undergoing this redesign in the first place? Do you need to make the website easier to navigate? Has the nature of your business changed, and you want to emphasize that on the site? Are you going through a rebranding phase, and need to implement that across the board? Or do you simply want a little update to make it easier on the eyes, and incorporating some new ideas and techniques for search engine optimization? Before laying out any new plans or bringing anyone on board to help with the design, you need to figure out what exactly you want out of this project.

With your end goal in mind, you can see how big of a project you have ahead of you. A redesign can involve anything from updating your content – something you could probably do yourself, to an entire rewriting of the code, and design of new visual features – something you will likely need to bring in an expert to help with, unless you have experience in these fields. At this point, think about what kind of budget you have available for this redesign – that could help determine exactly how much you are able to do.

Another good thing to do is to review your current website page by page. This will give you a sense of which design features and content you like and want to keep. This will help prevent you from doing extra work in the long run, and, could give you good inspiration on which to base the redesign.

As you are moving ahead, do not try and do everything yourself, unless you have a lot of experience with web design, it will be well worth your money to bring on board a professional developer. It might seem like a fun project to teach yourself code and play around with graphic design programs, but you will end up with a better made and more professional looking end product if you work with the pros.

Throughout it all, remember to keep your business type in mind. The features and functions of your website need to reflect what it is you do. If you are an e-commerce site, then your focus should be on making the checkout process easy and efficient for your customers. If you are building a site to show off your product, then it needs to be visually pleasing with high quality photos. If you are a directory of some sort, then you need to pay attention to your search functions – ensure that they are easy to use and turn up accurate results.

Redesigning your website can do wonders for your business, as long as you are keeping the right things in mind as you move ahead!

Guest post by Mary Johnson from - a free classifieds website in Nigeria.

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