25 Funny Photoshop Manipulated Photos that will make you laugh

Browsing through bunch of photos is really fun. It's really interesting to give a look to either natural or Photoshop manipulated images. Advertisers uses funny photos to get public attention. New version of Photoshop have made the images smoother and realistic and more funny for you. So today i collected a bunch of Photoshop manipulated images for you and here it goes :-

Dont miss

Compact Fluorescent Miracle


A man with Big head


Statue of Labour


A girl with a big head



Inflatable man


A mouse with mouse Moustache


Melting  Perrier


 Painting by Frogs

 Head in Aquarium


Melting Of human beings ;)

 Go Digital :)


Six pack abs suit for sale

 They are calculating customer's satisfaction index of Microsoft ;)

 Think Big

 Thankyou Sun


Don't touch the remote

 Population Explosion

 Thats what a headache means


Rat Race



Kung- fu Kid

 Rat Alarm



Achild holding his dad




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