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Saturday, 17 March 2012

5 Wordpress Themes For Recipes or Food Blog

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Today i handpicked top 5 Wordpress themes to make a Recipes or Food blog. Wordpress is an awesome platform for noobs as well as experts. So today i come up with 5 Wordpress theme which would make the site developement process too easy.

Recommeneded :- Out of these, I personally recommend CookeryPress.

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  1. Great collection. all the themes are beautiful.

  2. @Navin , but i personally recommend Cookingpress

  3. I merely found this web site through google. I love all the information and I will certainly return. With thanks =-=
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  4. Okay I think I have looked at all these links and the mirjoaty of them are not doing new work! I want to update my daughter's blog. She turned 12 and is now considered a "Young Woman" in our church.I want to make it a little older but still keep my daughter's innocence (she has Down syndrome). I want to blog about her journey into the Young Women program and also continue to blog about her daily adventures. The woman that created it is harder to get a hold of and get the work done that I want (she's a new mom) Who can help me!?!

  5. [...] 5 WordPress Themes For Recipes or Food Blog [...]

  6. Very nice selections. :)
    It really hard to choose for my recipe blog, all are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing it.


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