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Sunday, 21 August 2011

What does being creative mean to you?

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Is it a means of self-expression, a way of life, just the way you are... or as important as 'breathing' to you? Have you ever had to pay a price or go through a bad experience in your life because you are 'creative'? Do you feel accepted & loved or rejected & hated for the same reason? At what age did you discover that you are creative? How do you feel about it now... 
         For me creativity is just a way i am. I always had the power of playing with words but never showed it to anyone only because of lack of confidence in myself not in my writing. Today i am writing my first novel and i am very open about it. Now i use my words and my thoughts as weapon. I bring out my feeling and emotions through words and stand by them as strong as a rock.
                      Creative means finding a unique solution to an old problem. Society, that means us, tends to fall into patterns of behaviors. We do the same ol', same ol' everyday reaching the same results--and perhaps, not being satisfied with those results.                                                       
                            Creative means finding a better way to solve the issues we have with these results and reaching satisfying conclusions. It may not be re-inventing the wheel, only making it rounder so it rolls better--now that's being creative.Creativity is innovative thoughts derived from past experiences and influences. As I have noticed when I have a bad experience, I have pain, but I am given a whole new perspective on life. For me, it is that perspective with is a catalyst for creatively curating. I knew I was creative at a very young age; however, I was not shown how to express it. Now, I embrace each creative project I pursue. 
                 So i can conclude that Creativty is making things simple with less efforts. What do you say?

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