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Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to Brand Your Blog and Content

Last updated on 01:07
Is your company making an impact with its tangents of online marketing?  How do you achieve elite attention, especially considering the likelihood of competition in your chosen vertical?  You have to distinguish, build and promote your brand.

Establishing a business and associated offerings are beginning steps.  You need to commence branding, establishing company messages on and offline, communicating messages to present and future customers.  Online marketing enables brands to make connections with consumers via content of blog posts and social media outlets.

Editorial Calendar

Some bloggers write each day, a few times a week, once per month, etc.  Depending on your chosen vertical and behavior of customers, an editorial calendar, a pre-scheduled plan on what to provide to readers, helps brand companies in several ways.

For one, it facilitates another platform for communication, a place for customers to recognize your company, potentially purchase, and engage.  Without content, it’s more difficult to direct customers to your brand.  Secondly, planning the content ensures your brand will continuously share, going forth with business implementations as planned but with more strategy.

About Us Page

Blogs are dynamic brand properties; while many associate posts with blogs, others also feature pages, telling readers about owners, associates, mascots, mission statements, charity associations, and more.  For example, an about us page may take the form of a robust multimedia presentation, telling consumers about how a brand started, how a company operates each day, and how team players spend their free time.
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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How to Build Content Slide with jQuery Animation

Last updated on 07:14
Creating your own content slide with jQuery animation is more challenging and fun as you have a better control on how you want your content to appear and to make your own impressive content creation that will amuse your viewers. It is an accomplishment that you are able to create your own jQuery content slider on your own. Besides, it is sometimes daunting to re-edit and change the jQuery codes for the content slide of others. For beginners, you need to learn the basic steps on how to create your own content slide with jQuery to start unleashing your own creativity. Here are the basic steps of animating the hide and slide of your jQuery content with basic coding guidelines provided by Jake Rocheleau using the jQuery UI easing effects.
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

50 Best FREE Blogger Templates

Last updated on 04:49
Today I have decided to make a big list of best blogger templates. I have tried these templates once, so listing them in the series. The one which comes first are my favorite. Hope you like it

Best premium Blogger Templates


Minimum is a responsive blogger template by Chandeep. This template is converted from Minimum genesis theme. Till date this is the best blogger template available online. Studiopress is the market leader in WordPress themes industry and minimum is their best selling theme. By using only three colors in the whole theme. Most of the times blogger complains about visitors don't subscribe, this template will solve this problem. Email and social media subscription box comes on first fold.
  • Responsive - Yes

  • Columns - 2

  • Slider - No

Download page

Wordplus Blogger template

Wordplus is a professional looking blogger template comes with 3 color options. Best thing about this template is the featured posts slider widget at the top. This jquery slider moves itself and increases page views. Designer have used CSS3 for making navigation menu, he made best use of space available. This theme was actually released by themejunkie which later on converted in blogger template.
  • Responsive - No

  • Slider - Yes

  • Columns - 2

  • Social media friendly  - Yes

  • SEO friendliness - 4/5

Download page

Sensational blogger template

This template is also converted from WordPress by Chandeep. This template was originally released by Mythemeshop. It have fixed top menu and typography is quite interesting. It is a minimal and clean template.

  • Responsive - Yes

  • Slider - No

  • Columns - 3

Download page

Balance Blogger Template

Balance is an amazing responsive blogger template with email subscription box at the top. Balance was originally developed by Studiopress and later on converted to blogger.

  • Responsive - Yes
  • Slider - No
  • Custom email subscription box

Download Page


Mxfluity is a responsive blogger template for photo intensive blogs. If you are running a blog in which pictures are very important, go for MXfluity. Overall look is better than other Pinterest inspired blogger templates.

  • Responsive - Yes
  • Featured posts on first fold

Download page

Extra News

This is best blogger template for design and tech blogs who attracts visitors by product images. This template can be further improved by editing it's top menu.

Download pages

Mytimeline Blogger template

This template is also made by Ivythemes, design is quite same as of Extra News but if your blog is less image intensive then this is the best template for you.
  • Responsive - yes
  • Featured posts widget on top fold

Download page

Flat News Blogger template

This professional looking blogger template comes from Themeforest. It use few colors and looks really professional.
  • Sticky news widget on top fold
  • Make best use of space which leads to high pageviews per visitor

Download page

Go Green free Blogger template

Go Green blogger template is designed b Syed from Templateism. This is one of the best professional looking blogger template having two navigation menu. The top navigation menu is styled with CSS3 properties which makes it look awesome. Posts in home page are displayed in a grid.
  • Responsive - No
  • Home page post view - Grid
  • Pros - Beautiful navigation, grid layout, clean
  • Cons - Can't remove footer link ( looks malicious)

Download page

Videodism Blogger Template

This template is also designed by Syed from Templateism. Syed makes amazing templates but one bad thing about his templates is they are never responsive and I think he trust too much on blogger's mobile template.

Download page

Retina blogger template

Another template from Syed. Again it's not responsive. Retina blogger have a out of box design, for those who loves simplicity with style. On homepage on post titles are shown instead of post summaries.

Download page

Bpress blogger template

Bpress is a responsive professional looking and clean blogger template with everything you need to start a good blog.

Download page

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Future of Online Shopping

Last updated on 07:43
Internet have changed the marketing strategies all around the world. It's been 8-10 years that people have started to shop online. Online shopping is still emerging and people are facing trouble while searching for desired products. Here are three things what I am expecting from online shopping websites in 2030 :-

1) Sophisticated search system

Whenever I shop online, I have desired product in my mind. For example last week I decided to buy sports shoes, give look to what I had in my mind :-

" I need a pair of shoes from a good brand. Size - UK 9. Price between 1500 to 2000. White color with blue logo, laces should be blue, heel should be of at least 1 inch heel"

In 2030 I expect online shopping portals to have voice search system which can understand layman's language. In doing the above research, it took me about 40 minutes around various shopping websites. I expect search system to become smarter.

 2) Finding size

I never purchased a pair of jean online, because while shopping for jeans, I try at least 5 pairs to select one. I think people now don't buy jeans online.

I expect that in 2030 there would be equipment that can measure body structure and online shopping website would have the feature to upload body structure image. This will decide whether an apparel will fit you or not.

There would a one click button which would tell you what this shopping website have for you. You will see everything that fits you. Right now shopping websites are overcrowded. While searching for shoes I see apparel and lot more stuff that is not of my interest.

 3) More personalization

I expect more personalization in shopping websites. Shopping would have feature to show products as per customer's profile. If a customer is male, homepage would be filled with male products only. There would a one time psychometric test to find out customer's preferences and website should be adjusted for those preferences.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

What makes a Great Mobile Site?

Last updated on 00:47
Smartphone usage is higher than it has ever been. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 56 percent of Americans own and use a smartphone. This number is up from 35 percent two years ago, showing just how rapidly this communications sector is growing. For web pages that aren't going mobile, you could be missing out a massive opportunity to engage in eCommerce. However, your business or organization must understand that mobile users are looking for a very specific experience when surfing the web on their smartphones or tablets.


Before worrying about anything else with your mobile web page, consider functionality to be the prime concern in the basic design concept. Without a properly functioning website, users will be wary of visiting your page or engaging in any sort of transaction. A strong mobile website begins with touch screen functionality. While some phones do come with fully functioning keyboards, the majority of smart devices place an emphasis on user input via the screen.

After your site has been optimized for touch screen use, consider how scaling and layout will fit on mobile devices. Tailoring content and categorization to properly display on smaller screens is key. Additionally, graphics are usually held to a minimum in favor of text and functional buttons. This can be attributed primarily to data plans and cell service coverage. Regardless, if your site is bogged down by needless graphics, you could easily turn away a large portion of your viewership.

Visual Themes

The best mobile sites understand that visual themes play a major role in website design. While mobile sites are constrained in regards to graphics, other thematic issues can still be addressed. Enjoyable color combinations, as well tasteful and easily viewed borders and fonts all play an important part in the finished product. Clashing selections on colors, bordering, and backgrounds can be abrasive on small screens and lead to a negative or unsatisfactory viewing experience.

Outside of basic color schemes, certain scripts and functions can also be detrimental to your mobile website. Depending on the age of the user's phone, and its technical capabilities, plug-ins, like Adobe Flash Player and Javascript, may not display properly. Be wary of adding these tools into your site without careful consideration. Otherwise, you may find that some visuals and media cause instability and crashes on certain platforms.


Of course, security is a major concern when dealing with anything related to the Internet. Mobile users are no exception. Depending on how you design your site, your organization may be at risk to some traditional threats and others that may not be so obvious. Viruses, security leaks held within the framework of the site, and intercepted transmissions are all issues faced by your web page operators, as well as mobile consumers. On the customer end, security can also be compromised by unauthorized physical access to the phone or tablet, as well as malicious spam in the form of instant messages of downloaded applications.

Constant Content

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when seeking to build a successful mobile site is that mobile users consume a lot of content. According to the British cellular service provider O2, the average smartphone user spends at least two hours a day on their phones. To keep up with this massive demand, be ready to add content often. A failure to do so could lead to bored or unsatisfied users. Letting these mobile browsers check out your competition during long lulls between content could spell disaster for your operation. Scheduling releases and adhering to a content schedule is a solid option to avoid significant gaps in updates.

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How Your Website Design Impacts your SEO

Last updated on 00:31
Search engine optimization, or SEO, often impacts how many people visit your site. With the best SEO, you can appear on the top page of a Google search result. With terrible SEO, it might be unlikely that anyone will ever find you within the first few pages of search results. The way you build your website can have a big impact on how your SEO winds up. With these tips and tricks, you can create good SEO on your page and improve your monthly visitors.

Embedding Key Words

When you have an image on your page, the title and “alt text” fields should have relevant key words. While images themselves will help your SEO, the right key words will increase it even more. Think about the title of the article that the image pertains to, or the name of your business if the images are on a home page and not associated with a particular topic or product. Adding key words to images takes just a few seconds in the web design process, but it can have a substantial impact on how many people find your site.

Creating a Space for Video

Video messages on a website also creates good SEO. It’s an indicator to search engines that you’re providing interactive and quality content. Instead of just linking to a video, consider embedding the video into the actual web page. Adding words below the video provides additional context, and will give you more SEO points; a video alone without any description or additional images won’t provide ideal search engine optimization. Links also help your SEO, so if the video can link back to YouTube or another hosting site you might help your SEO again.

Making the Site Intuitive

Making your website intuitive not only creates a better user experience for your visitors, but also generates better SEO for your site. An intuitive website will have a clear and easy to use navigation bar, and internal links. Internal links send users to other pages within your website. For instance, on the home page you may have links to an “About” page and a “Contact” page. The easier it is for people to navigate their way around your site, the more likely you are to be rewarded with a good SEO position. An intuitive site also keeps your customers happy, so it’s really a win-win situation.

Web design is about more than just aesthetics. On top of creating something pretty and informative, you also need to think about how easy it is for people to find you. With bad SEO, you might end up with a fabulous web site that no one will ever find or see. SEO isn’t difficult to achieve, but you may need to create certain media or links to get the most of the principle. Always stay on top of the latest search engine SEO guidelines, and adjust your website accordingly. Sites like Google change their SEO recommendations quite frequently, so staying informed means actively paying attention to the new SEO trends.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

7 Excellent Magento Extensions For Enhancing Scalability

Last updated on 04:09
Since the day, Magento has come to public. It has transformed the shape and dimension of business organizations across the globe. It has infused online shopping world with more mobility and efficiency than ever before. In concurrent time, business organizations are pouring their love on this CMS tool due to its customizability & efficiency. You as a Magento user only need to understand the openness of this CMS tool for creating a custom e-commerce portal for you business organization. In your quest of making the most from this CMS tool, you can use below mentioned extensions.

#1 Horizontal Product Slider-

Maximize Your Sales Quickly

The powerful display & graphical engagement play a real game in retail selling whether physical or online. The application of useful display tools increases the impressions of a web page. Therefore, you should try to enhance the look & feel of your e-commerce portal. For this purpose, you can add horizontal product display bar by using this extension. It will help you in enhancing the user experience of your website. You can show the recently viewed products at this place. Therefore, your virtual customers can come again & again on the products of their interest.

#2 Sold Out Extension 

Keep Your Store Active

Well, you will love to have an extension, which can portray your store as an active and customer-driven e-commerce portal. With the help of this extension, you will be able to manage your store’s product availability status perfectly. It simply follows your inventory system and affixes a ‘Sold Out’ tag on the product in case of unavailability of any product. On the other hand, the extension removes this tag in case of availability of product. Therefore, it helps you in keeping your store fresh & updated.

#3 jQuery WYSIWYG

Simplify Content Editing

It is an interesting extension to convert complex editing panel into an extremely simple panel. You can actually write contents in your Magento admin panel. Moreover, you can do formatting of your contents. Therefore, your e-commerce portal should have this extension to simplify the addition and modification of contents in your site.

#4 Pro Google Analytics

Enhance Your Scalability

If you are aware of the power & scalability of Google Analytics then you will love to buy the pro version of this application. It simply integrates famous Google Analytics plugin. With the help of this extension, you will be able to scale the growth of your e-commerce store. It will help you in discovering the areas from where your store gets the maximum customers. Moreover, you will also be able to decipher the demographics of your customers like the age, gender, a`nd country.

#5 Product Light Box

If you are selling something that needs extra look & feel like a dress, handcrafted product etc then this is the best light box plugin. You can easily mark your products which needs special light box effect. Surprisingly, this extension will enable this effect on the marked products.

So, you may now download and install these extensions in your website. You only need to take the back up of your website before installing any new tool in your website because third party extensions can behave differently in exceptional cases.

#6 Canonical URL

Win Over SEO Trouble

You will surely be aware with the troublesomeness of Magento in search engine optimization. However, you can get relief with this problem by using this extension. With the help of this extension, you can add a canonical link at the head of each web page. Therefore, you will be able to optimize your online retailing website in a better manner.

#7 JS Gift Coupon

Let Your Customers Appreciate

While checking out from the payment gateway, you might have come across the ‘Gift’ section to use coupons in your purchase. It will help you in reducing the overall amount of your purchase.

Note: It is recommended to take a prior backup of your website before installing any of these plugins on your website.

So, you may now download and install these extensions in your website. You only need to test your website after installing any new tool in your website because third party extensions can behave differently in exceptional cases.

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