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Friday, 6 December 2013

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How to choose a Domain Name

When it comes to choosing a domain name, it's very critical to put time and consideration into the undertaking. A name is much more than what customers call you; it has everything to do with your branding mechanisms, as well. In fact, it's vital that your domain name be intricately related to your business name, your primary aim as a company, your branding goals, and your commerce goals, as well. Branded websites are the third most trusted internet source from the user's outlook, which means creating a dependable, trustworthy appealing brand is vital for your business' success. Choosing a domain name is a significant component of that success. Extensive names usually don't stay in the minds of customers, so choosing a punchy domain name that is short and to the point is also a element.
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Four Tips for Picking Out a Website Template

You don't have to know code or make your living as a web designer to produce a professional looking website, thanks to the variety of paid and free templates. However, you still need to follow a few basic tips when searching for a good template. Otherwise, your site will still look like it was designed by an amateur, and that could cost you business.

Tip 1: Check Out the Competition

It's all about keeping up with the competition when it comes to standing out in the crowded online world. Go to your competitors’ sites, see what you like and what you don't. Pay particular attention to the color scheme, the layout of the landing page, and extras like social media links, graphics, photos and videos, and other basics. You should also pay attention to things like the "About," "Contact Us," and "FAQ" pages as well as the payment options (does the competition accept credit cards? PayPal?).

Monday, 2 December 2013

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What to Consider While Designing a Blog?

A blog’s design is certainly the most important factor while starting a new blog, or replenishing an existing blog. Google has already stressed that bog design and load speed can affect your ranking. It is among the top 200 ranking signals that Google considers while ranking the website. The web is going more visual now. Visually appeasing websites, content and resumes have overtaken the visually impaired world. It is the design only which determines your overall bounce rate to a lot of extent. If a user lands on your blog, and finds the design to be boring, or too dynamic, he would surely think that the blog is being maintained by a non-professional person and would hit the back button at once. Blog design has a special emphasize A design says a lot about your blog. It needs to be eye catchy and descriptive at the same time. If you are going to start a new blog, then these points would help you in determining the optimal design for it. You can hire a profession via free ads classifieds.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

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My Love for Breezer Orange and my secret recipe

Hi all, Today I am going to write about my 3 years experience with my favourite beverage - Breezer Orange. It is a refreshing blend of rum, alcohol, orange flavours and sprinkling water. Today I am going to share my secret recipe.

Why I love Breezer

I hate overly sweet cola drinks, that's not my taste. I am not an alcoholic, 3 years back one of my friend suggested me to try Breezer. That was orange flavour, long search for my favourite beverage came to an end. I am big fan of Breezer Orange because its not sweet and it relaxes my mind.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

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Fast and Furious: Ten Online Tools to Add to Your Marketing Toolbox

If you are a startup trying to succeed on a small budget, you may not have the luxury of hiring your own marketing and search engine optimization experts. If you need to do your own SEO and marketing, you need to try these free (or low-cost) tools.

SEO Tools

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Business owners who aren’t familiar with SEO need handholdingand can be very grateful when they get it (these Yodle reviews make this clear). If your blog is on WordPress and you don’t really understand how search engine optimization works, you can try to make it on your own with Yoast’s user-friendly SEO plug-in. When you supply the tool with information about the keyword phrases that you wish to focus on, it can make suggestions about where to include it in each of your posts to get the best results.
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How to Brand Your Blog and Content

Is your company making an impact with its tangents of online marketing?  How do you achieve elite attention, especially considering the likelihood of competition in your chosen vertical?  You have to distinguish, build and promote your brand.

Establishing a business and associated offerings are beginning steps.  You need to commence branding, establishing company messages on and offline, communicating messages to present and future customers.  Online marketing enables brands to make connections with consumers via content of blog posts and social media outlets.

Editorial Calendar

Some bloggers write each day, a few times a week, once per month, etc.  Depending on your chosen vertical and behavior of customers, an editorial calendar, a pre-scheduled plan on what to provide to readers, helps brand companies in several ways.

For one, it facilitates another platform for communication, a place for customers to recognize your company, potentially purchase, and engage.  Without content, it’s more difficult to direct customers to your brand.  Secondly, planning the content ensures your brand will continuously share, going forth with business implementations as planned but with more strategy.

About Us Page

Blogs are dynamic brand properties; while many associate posts with blogs, others also feature pages, telling readers about owners, associates, mascots, mission statements, charity associations, and more.  For example, an about us page may take the form of a robust multimedia presentation, telling consumers about how a brand started, how a company operates each day, and how team players spend their free time.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

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How to Build Content Slide with jQuery Animation

Creating your own content slide with jQuery animation is more challenging and fun as you have a better control on how you want your content to appear and to make your own impressive content creation that will amuse your viewers. It is an accomplishment that you are able to create your own jQuery content slider on your own. Besides, it is sometimes daunting to re-edit and change the jQuery codes for the content slide of others. For beginners, you need to learn the basic steps on how to create your own content slide with jQuery to start unleashing your own creativity. Here are the basic steps of animating the hide and slide of your jQuery content with basic coding guidelines provided by Jake Rocheleau using the jQuery UI easing effects.